Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Potty Training Charts

Every child is different from any other and may give hints to parents as to whether they are ready for potty training or not. Studies say that usually potty training is to be initiated somewhere between eighteen months and twenty four months, however your child may be different and may not show that he or she is ready to begin this new stage in their lives. Potty training may bring along more stress into your child’s life, therefore it would be a good idea for you to resort to various techniques that will transform this type of task into something rewarding not only for you but also for the kid – and free potty training charts from the internet are a good way of leading the kid out of stress.

Free potty training charts are all over the internet. Just as easy as it is to find tips on training your kid to use the toilet, so it is with potty training information. Many sites allow their readers and visitors to view and download free potty training charts. From this perspective it is much cheaper for parents to resort to the internet than to a library that sells expensive books. Many reviews and testimonials on the internet from previous users of the free potty training charts point to the success of these forms of training.

Free potty training charts are meant to encourage and motivate your child into using the potty and keep focusing on this new acquired habit. Some of them are sticker charts which mark the days and the times when your child used the potty and after downloading and printing you can motivate your child to put the stickers onto the chart every time they use the potty. The colors and the clip art or the beautiful child attracting pictures will become very appealing to the kid in no time.

One nice example of free potty training charts are the ones in which the child advances a favorite character to the place where he feels safest and happiest; once his character gets to that place he is allowed to place a sticker in one of the boxes they are provided with. Some of the free potty training charts have ocean themes, others have space themes; as with the ocean theme, the child can move the dolphin from one starfish to another every time he uses the potty. When the dolphin reaches the island, the reward for the kid is to place the sticker in one of the boxes.

The best advantage of the free potty training charts is that the child will definitely feel rewarded for using the porry and will become more confident in himself or herself.

Free Potty Training Tips

In case you still struggle with the young members of your family about using the potty , well, do not worry anymore but get ready to learn and then apply a few free potty training tips.  But before actually reading the free potty training tips, we have for you, you should become aware of the fact that each child is different from the others and will not allow himself trained in the same way as others. Some of the free potty training tips might work with your child but some others won’t, although they have been effective in potty training other children.

You have probably already gotten some free potty training tips from neighbors, relatives and friends. You should know that there are potty training books and equipment that you can purchase in children’s stores, or you can search the internet and find tons of free potty training tips provided by lots of parents who have already faced the problem and who want to help the others by sharing their experiences.

As mentioned above, you will find some free potty training tips in the present article. The free potty training tips we will give here will prove both useful and easy to apply. The situation is difficult as it is that is why the free potty training tips we will suggest will make your task easier. First of all you should talk about potty training with your child, explaining him what wet, dry or messy and clean means.

You can also read potty training books, thus making the process more fun preparing the child for trying to go potty. Another of the useful free potty training tips is to show the child how it is done, namely show him how to flush the toilet, how to wipe and how to wash up. Also, show the child his potty chair. Mothers are usually with the child all the time and they make good models but older siblings can also be good models in potty training.

Other free potty training tips that you will find refer to the practice itself. Make using the potty a habit in your child’s life. Take the child to visit the bathroom once or twice in the beginning and then increase the number of visits. Make sure you make the visits to the toilet at about the times the child is most likely to pee-pee or poo-poo.

Even if the child does not pee or poop every time he is taken to the toilet, the time is not wasted. On the contrary, the child will get accustomed to flushing, wiping and washing up.

Infant Potty Training

Infant potty training is a very appealing alternative to late potty training. This term means that you can start potty training your child in the first six months of hi or her life. Some studies have proved that the baby is ready to learn new things from the very birth moment. As long as there is no pressure on the baby but there is a lot of perseverance and motherly warmth, infant potty training can be quite successful.

The same studies have shown that in the first six months the baby is very receptive to whatever surrounds him, noises, images and so on. Therefore it will be quite easy for the mother to help her child associate sounds and places in the home, like the bathroom with the time or the moment of potty going.

However infant potty training requires a lot of patience and attention on the mother’s part. The mother has to study the child and figure out the moments when the infant needs to go. Body language is the key to everything related to this. She has to study the child and find out what body language or what cues the infant uses right before he or she is ready to eliminate.

Some babies may become suddenly quiet and show marks of concentration, others may stare somewhere in the distance, others may change their face to make grimaces, others turn their little bodies stiff and their legs may become tense, others simply twist and turn. It is widely believed that all mothers actually can identify when their babies are ready to go, it’s just that they haven’t thought of infant potty training at such an early stage.

After figuring out the timing and the cues that the baby gives involuntarily to the mother, it is time to begin infant potty training. First the mother has to be close to the baby when it is ready to go and start making a hissing sound or use the word pee. She should repeat this every time the child seems ready to eliminate so that the child will associate his mother’s sounds with peeing. The nest phase is to again anticipate, make the hissing sound and then take the child to the toilet and hold him there above the toilet to pee.

He or she will soon come to associate the mother’s sounds with the rooms and the peeing. This is what infant potty training consists in. It has been proved that children who begin infant potty training will definitely have no more accidents after two years old and they will be fully independent when it comes to using the potty or the toilet.

Late Potty Training

Some parents worry that their children are old enough to use the toilet and still they don’t do it. There fore late potty training is the better option; it is always better to do it later than not to do it at all. Many believe that it is better to begin potty training only after the age of three or four. Other would go for late potty training that starts even as late as five years old. Their arguments are that the child cannot be receptive to such task before this particular age.

However most pediatricians recommend early potty training to guarantee earlier success. As a result, late potty training is only a sort of postponing of what the child has to learn at a very young age.

Another argument that would go against late potty training is that all parents who already have a second child, will definitely say to you that the younger one is more receptive to whatever he or she is required to do. as such, it is true that younger children are more impressionable just as they are more gullible. Once they are already used to having a diaper and not worry about the potty issue, it will be more and more difficult for you as a parent to do away with the old child formed habit and replace with another. Therefore late potty training will only give the parent twice the work load that he would normally have if he started early potty training.

If late potty training is the case of your child aged about four years old, then you should not panic. You should get ready for harder times than you would have if you had started earlier, yet the good news is that late potty training is still possible. Some studies state that late potty training can be done even in three days. Of course there is no real guarantee against accidents, yet it is possible. In case of early training, it is best for the child to use the potty.

Yet, if the child is already three or four years old, the parent can just as well choose the toilet instead of the potty. In order to motivate the child and have success there are very many techniques to be used. Out of them, the sticker charts which motivate the child and give him or her a sense of achievement after using the potty or the toilet. For late potty training, patience and motivation are key to success.

Shouting and putting pressure on the child will only delay the so long awaited success.

Potty Training Advice

The birth of a child is one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life. As everyone knows, when the child is young the problems are not very serious and difficult to solve whereas they get harder to deal with and more serious in time. Yet when the time comes for a child to give up diapers and learn to use the potty or the toilet, many of the parents experience a real nightmare. Many parents do not know exactly what and how to do things in this situation and that is why they need potty training advice and guidance.

Some more fortunate parents do not need potty training advice as to their children using the potty comes naturally and they do not resist the using of the potty or toilet. Others, unfortunately, go through an ordeal that cannot be handled without some, at least, potty training advice. This article is dedicated to those who could use some potty training advice.

Where can parents find potty training advice? Well there are specialized people like pediatricians and psychologists who can give you potty training advice. You can also get tons of potty training advice if you only access internet sites where lots of parents ask various questions about child raising and get answers from parents who have been in those situations. Child potty training is one of the topics that is very frequently discussed.

Apparently potty training advice is most frequently asked for and provided. Of course there are books on potty training and unbelievable materials and devices to help you in your attempts to have the child use the potty. Yet other parents’ experience seems more efficient. Neighbors, friends and relatives also have a lot of potty training advice to give you. Just ask for it. 

Anyway before getting and applying any potty training advice, you should first be sure that the time for potty training is right. If you are trying to convince your junior too early to do it, you will probably cause a lot of useless stress to both the child and yourself. Thus, before applying any potty training advice watch the child for signs of readiness for potty training. When the child is ready to start potty training get the right potty training advice.

Select the most appropriate pieces of potty training advice and start fighting. During the process of potty training do not forget to be calm and patient because you might find out that your child resists the potty. If this happens, you will need all the potty training advice you can get.

Potty Training Boot Camp

Potty training boot camp is what many parents have appreciated as a very efficient method of teaching their children how to get rid of diapers. It all started with one mother who tried various methods either from specialized books or posted on internet sites and found no success. Finally she has decided to combine several methods into only one that is more complex figuring that this way she will achieve the so longed for success. And the result that she desired was finally obtained.

The potty training boot camp by definition is a combination of various methods. Why has this combination been necessary? First of all children differ from each other, and there have been many cases in which one very well known and appreciated method failed in some children’s cases. That is because not all techniques go with all children. So taking the best out of these most known and successful methods and putting them into one just had to work.

The potty training boot camp consists of four phases, the first one being preparation work. The two following are boot camp and reinforcement. And finally there is maintenance. The smart thing about this four phased method is that if you achieve no real success in the first or the second phase or stage, there will surely be success during the third or the fourth.

Many parents have resorted to the potty training boot camp and apparently all have been successful. This method can be purchased off the internet and on the site where you can actually get it from, you can find testimonials from parents that have already used it. All the results obtained were pleasing and all of the parents talking about it on this site praise the method. Some of them have previously tried the one day method, or the timed method and many others that you may have already come across. Most important in order to gain success with potty training boot camp, is to start applying this method only when your child has signaled in one way or another that he or she is ready for the training.

As for the amount of time needed to complete the training, it apparently varies from one child to another. Of course the parental perseverance and the child’s personality have a lot to do with this. Some parents have gained success with the potty training boot camp in only one weekend while others have required a longer time, around a week, to fully potty train their kids.

Regardless of how long it may take, it does require a lot of patience on the part of the parent and a lot of hard work. But the potty training boot camp results are rewarding afterwards.

Potty Training Chair

Regardless of what method you would like to use when training your kid for the potty, the potty training chair is needed. The potty training chair is one indispensable piece especially if your child is not big enough to use the toilet. Just as potty training stickers and charts are motivating for the child, so can the potty chair be. While potty training there are a whole array of products you can use like the potty training dolls, the potty pants, seats, urinals, books, DVDs and charts.

All of them differ and are made special and appealing both for you and for the child, and this variety is the result of understanding that children have different personalities and require various methods and products.

The potty training chair may have the same old function yet it may come in various shapes and sizes. A first type of potty chair that is simply functional is the inflatable one. It is great to use whatever the location is and it can be one of the best solutions especially if the parents and the child are traveling.

It takes up little space when not inflated and it can be inflated very fast. Another similar type of potty training chair is the one for travel. It is very light and small and it usually has disposable bags. It is very easy to take while on the road, and if the child announces he needs to go potty, simply stop the car and have the child use it.

Another famous type of the potty training chair is the wooden one. Most parents have actually grown up with it at a very young age. Today it is much more appealing than it used to be. The bowl under the seat can of course be removed and it usually has side pockets for placing the toilet paper or toys. Taking into account that some children are afraid to sit on the regular toilet, this type of chair is very good as it looks friendlier and it is adapted to the child’s height and needs.

Another interesting and very practical type of potty training chair is the multifunctional one. It can serve as a potty chair or as a step stool for the kid. It is also very useful for the mother while she is bathing the child as she can sit on it because it has a lid to cover the potty place.

Last but not least, there is one more potty training chair that appeals a great deal to children, and that is the musical one. It comes with many buttons the child can push and noise or animal sounds can be heard. Music can also be played by this potty training chair and some models may also render specific sounds associated with potty training, like flushing the toilet, hissing, and so on.