Friday, December 7, 2012

Late Potty Training

Some parents worry that their children are old enough to use the toilet and still they don’t do it. There fore late potty training is the better option; it is always better to do it later than not to do it at all. Many believe that it is better to begin potty training only after the age of three or four. Other would go for late potty training that starts even as late as five years old. Their arguments are that the child cannot be receptive to such task before this particular age.

However most pediatricians recommend early potty training to guarantee earlier success. As a result, late potty training is only a sort of postponing of what the child has to learn at a very young age.

Another argument that would go against late potty training is that all parents who already have a second child, will definitely say to you that the younger one is more receptive to whatever he or she is required to do. as such, it is true that younger children are more impressionable just as they are more gullible. Once they are already used to having a diaper and not worry about the potty issue, it will be more and more difficult for you as a parent to do away with the old child formed habit and replace with another. Therefore late potty training will only give the parent twice the work load that he would normally have if he started early potty training.

If late potty training is the case of your child aged about four years old, then you should not panic. You should get ready for harder times than you would have if you had started earlier, yet the good news is that late potty training is still possible. Some studies state that late potty training can be done even in three days. Of course there is no real guarantee against accidents, yet it is possible. In case of early training, it is best for the child to use the potty.

Yet, if the child is already three or four years old, the parent can just as well choose the toilet instead of the potty. In order to motivate the child and have success there are very many techniques to be used. Out of them, the sticker charts which motivate the child and give him or her a sense of achievement after using the potty or the toilet. For late potty training, patience and motivation are key to success.

Shouting and putting pressure on the child will only delay the so long awaited success.

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