Friday, December 7, 2012

The term clip art defines and refers to any picture, drawing, illustration or graphics that is used in advertising, in magazines or any other type of print publication. Comic drawing and children drawing can also be included in clip art. Over the internet we can find a lot of clip art, some of these illustrations, drawings or graphics being simple, that is static, or animated.

When it comes to potty training, specialists have come to understand the importance of drawings and pictures or visual cues in training the children various things. So potty training clip art has appeared and it is quite successful apparently. It can be used in its various forms to help the child understand what he has to do and also to motivate him or her.

Potty training clip art can be bought or simply downloaded from the internet, so it is very easy for parent to acquire it. In case you choose not to buy  special books for teaching your child how to potty train, all it takes is to become a little creative and use these potty training clip art forms to attract and motivate your child.

Potty training clip art can take the form of simple drawings or pictures that you can show the child when you want to introduce the concept of the potty or that of the toilet and what can be done with it. The more colorful and joyful they are, the more appealing for the child.

Potty training clip art can also take the form of training charts. These charts use boxes onto which the child can put some funny and appealing stickers with characters that they like. Of course these cartoon characters or animal figures that they like so much could be shown in the potty training clip art sitting on the toilet or on the potty. The charts come as great motivators for the child and every time he marks a box he can feel rewarded for doing a great job, that is not using the diaper.

Another form in which the potty training clip art can be employed is to transform it into color books. If you notice that your child is really keen on coloring, then you can make your own color book by downloading potty training clip art, printing it and then attaching the papers under the form of a book or notebook. Every time that the child has used the potty or the toilet, you can reward him by letting him color one image provided to you by a potty training clip art website.

The secret to potty training is perseverance and hard work. If the concept of potty training can be insisted upon, then why not do it in the form of clip art to appeal to your color and image receptive child.

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