Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Potty Training Charts

Every child is different from any other and may give hints to parents as to whether they are ready for potty training or not. Studies say that usually potty training is to be initiated somewhere between eighteen months and twenty four months, however your child may be different and may not show that he or she is ready to begin this new stage in their lives. Potty training may bring along more stress into your child’s life, therefore it would be a good idea for you to resort to various techniques that will transform this type of task into something rewarding not only for you but also for the kid – and free potty training charts from the internet are a good way of leading the kid out of stress.

Free potty training charts are all over the internet. Just as easy as it is to find tips on training your kid to use the toilet, so it is with potty training information. Many sites allow their readers and visitors to view and download free potty training charts. From this perspective it is much cheaper for parents to resort to the internet than to a library that sells expensive books. Many reviews and testimonials on the internet from previous users of the free potty training charts point to the success of these forms of training.

Free potty training charts are meant to encourage and motivate your child into using the potty and keep focusing on this new acquired habit. Some of them are sticker charts which mark the days and the times when your child used the potty and after downloading and printing you can motivate your child to put the stickers onto the chart every time they use the potty. The colors and the clip art or the beautiful child attracting pictures will become very appealing to the kid in no time.

One nice example of free potty training charts are the ones in which the child advances a favorite character to the place where he feels safest and happiest; once his character gets to that place he is allowed to place a sticker in one of the boxes they are provided with. Some of the free potty training charts have ocean themes, others have space themes; as with the ocean theme, the child can move the dolphin from one starfish to another every time he uses the potty. When the dolphin reaches the island, the reward for the kid is to place the sticker in one of the boxes.

The best advantage of the free potty training charts is that the child will definitely feel rewarded for using the porry and will become more confident in himself or herself.

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