Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Potty Training Tips

In case you still struggle with the young members of your family about using the potty , well, do not worry anymore but get ready to learn and then apply a few free potty training tips.  But before actually reading the free potty training tips, we have for you, you should become aware of the fact that each child is different from the others and will not allow himself trained in the same way as others. Some of the free potty training tips might work with your child but some others won’t, although they have been effective in potty training other children.

You have probably already gotten some free potty training tips from neighbors, relatives and friends. You should know that there are potty training books and equipment that you can purchase in children’s stores, or you can search the internet and find tons of free potty training tips provided by lots of parents who have already faced the problem and who want to help the others by sharing their experiences.

As mentioned above, you will find some free potty training tips in the present article. The free potty training tips we will give here will prove both useful and easy to apply. The situation is difficult as it is that is why the free potty training tips we will suggest will make your task easier. First of all you should talk about potty training with your child, explaining him what wet, dry or messy and clean means.

You can also read potty training books, thus making the process more fun preparing the child for trying to go potty. Another of the useful free potty training tips is to show the child how it is done, namely show him how to flush the toilet, how to wipe and how to wash up. Also, show the child his potty chair. Mothers are usually with the child all the time and they make good models but older siblings can also be good models in potty training.

Other free potty training tips that you will find refer to the practice itself. Make using the potty a habit in your child’s life. Take the child to visit the bathroom once or twice in the beginning and then increase the number of visits. Make sure you make the visits to the toilet at about the times the child is most likely to pee-pee or poo-poo.

Even if the child does not pee or poop every time he is taken to the toilet, the time is not wasted. On the contrary, the child will get accustomed to flushing, wiping and washing up.

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