Friday, December 7, 2012

Potty Training Charts

Among the solutions parents and specialists have already found for convincing children of all ages to get accustomed to urinating and defecating in the potty, there is also the approach that uses potty training charts. If you are unhappy that you cannot convince your child to use the potty or the toilet and give up nappies, you should know that there are lots of other parents in the world who have found the answer to this problem and who share their experiences on the internet.

Just do some research and you will find the right solution for your child. In as far as using potty training charts is concerned, you can find not only stories, information and advice or how to... instructions, but also a lot of sites that provide you with printable potty training charts.

Actually, there are incredibly numerous potty training charts for you to choose from and use with your children. Stores, specialists in the field as well as individuals have designed various potty training charts to suit different age groups, styles and preferences, gender, etc. Thus, there are potty training charts especially designed for boys and for girls. The difference in potty training charts is made through different colors or different patterns and drawings.

Therefore you can find boys’ potty training charts in which blue is the dominant color and the drawings are mainly cars, rockets and other boy stuff. Consequently girls’ potty training charts will mainly be colored in red or pink and will feature dolls, princesses and other girl things. 

When you decide to use potty training charts you can either create them yourselves or together with your child, or you can choose from the wide existing variety. Besides the paper and card and stickers potty training charts you might also find magnetic boards or strips that you can attach on the fridge or other metal objects in the house.

Anyway, how do potty training charts work? What can they do to convince Junior to pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty? The principle by which potty training charts work is to a certain extent based on the idea of rewarding the child for something s/he does, except they do not get to spoil the child as if in actually rewarding them by giving them some candies or other things they want.

After you decide to use potty training charts, you must establish a set of very clear use about applying the method and let everybody in the family know what these rules are, in order to get consistence in using it. Every time the child does the thing properly, show him/her how it is rewarded with a sticker placed on the chart.

At the end of the chart place a shiny star in the last square and let the child see that that is the great prize for completing the cycle.

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